My eyes seem to be crying yet they seem not to be crying
I can't say what else I'm hoping for
Blowing smoke rings with you
Near your lips
I can't express my contentment
How can your tenderness be captured?
It comes closer and closer, yet it never makes contact

The unfinished tea turned sour long ago
We have never been in love before, yet we are in love
We're going 'round in circles every day
How can this entanglement be considered short?
I wear your clothes every day
I can't detain you, yet I'm still warm

Hovering between sweetness and bitterness
I can't see through your scandalous eyes
You borrow love to fill one night
In the end, it still has to be returned
There's no need to desire too much

Hovering between proximity and separation
I can't see through your scandalous eyes
It seems to be deep yet it's still very shallow
The sky had turned blue-grey long ago
I want to part from you
Yet it's not late

What a shame! What a shame!
About 80% of the people from the sina poll wanted Faye to perform.
Even insiders of the olympic event wanted Faye. And untill the end even Yimou did not denied Faye's performance. What is this all about? It is already so fucked up that she did not perform. Why make it worse by not confirming the fact that Faye would not come? Is it part of the torture to Fayefans?
I think so, I think so.

Je t'aime melancholie <3

Yesterday it was 08-08-08, for Chinese people this was a happy day. Not only did the Olympics start, but it was also Faye Wong's birthday! Yes, diva Wong turned 39, reasons for a big party at y.A.S.d.'s home.

On this day, I (y.A.S.d) treated the invited guests to Faye Wong concerts, Faye videos, the movie Chungking Express and many more things. The own baked chocolate pie tasted delicious and the afterparty was great! Too bad Wong did not perform at the Olympics, but all the guests enjoyed the party. There were a lot of laughs, the party was fun, happy and vibrant.

Yes, we managed to capture the magic moment on 8-08-08 at 08:08:08 PM. Many people waited for this party, too bad this was a private party only. For those who missed this party, just check out the video.

08 August 2008 is almost there, and we all know what that means!

Thats right! We are going to celebrate this date!
I am going to send my close friends an email for a private party.
On this date I suspect the ones who received the invitation to come in the afternoon.
Of course I dont need to say what we celebrate for, since everybody should celebrate this date.

We are going to celebrate the birthday of Faye Wong! Wo0t!

The activities are:
- To bake a cake with a lot of whipped cream
- To watch a Faye Wong concert

And a party is nothing without an after-party!
You heard it right!
In the evening we are going to have an after-party!
That is watching the olympics in Beijing,
what we hope for is that miss Wong is going to perform there.

And of course, presents are always good =)

Hi again!

I am working hard at the moment to finish this blog as soon as possible. At the moment Sukachu is helping me to make the blog complete. You can see some videos already, more videos are still coming. As you can see we are working very hard. Of course I am doing this all for you guys and doing it for free. If you want to support me, feel free to give a donation. A donation of 50 euro is suggested. Thanks!

Hi there,

starting today, the official Kei Long blog has started! You can soon find out about my own made movies and videos.

Currently I am busy filming my own movie named 'Stoplicht' which is translated as 'Traffic Light' in English.